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Certified Technicians

There are very few contractors available who are trained and certified in meth lab assessment and decontamination. Untrained contractors often make the problem worse. OSHA Hazwoper training is not adequate nor does it cover decontamination techniques. All Meth Lab Cleanup representative are Clan Lab Certified, Field Chemistry Certified, Hazardous Material Characterization and Packing Certified, OSHA Certified and State Certified (where required). Many contractors are now claiming to be able to NEUTRALIZE meth contamination. This, is for the most part, a fallacy! There are many types of contamination/residues associated with meth production. In most states and as a standard of practice in the industry, meth is used as the "marker" when testing a property.

Use of Oxidizers

The levels of meth residue can be used to determine what may have happened and for how long on a specific site. Testing also helps determine the scope and extent of the remediation process. To claim to be able to neutralize meth is usually an indicator that you are dealing with an inexperienced contractor. There are very few chemicals that can be used to completely destroy the meth molecule and can be very dangerous when not handled appropriately. They can also cause more damage to the property (corrosion). Also, there is no data regarding the affects these chemicals have on the other contaminants involved. In short, you do not know what is being left behind. In most cases, these chemicals will only break enough of the bonds of the marker (meth molecule) to render the meth non detectable at the laboratory. Many states have outlawed the use of known oxidizers.

We Remediate

Meth Lab Cleanup does not neutralize contamination. We specialize in REMEDATION (to remove). Our advanced technology and protocols are the basis of our success. We use an earth kind detergent that acts as a surfactant to bring contaminants to the surface where, with specialized equipment, we can safely remove it.
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