Laboratory Analyzed Meth Test Kits for Surfaces; Analysis in 2- 3 business days


Meth Lab Cleanup offers MethAssure®, easy-to-use home meth test kits in which the samples are analyzed by an independent accredited laboratory. Know exactly how much methamphetamine residue is present within days of taking the samples. Detect meth residue levels as low as 0.02 ug/100cm2.

Sample 4 areas to get an average result or use 1 of the wipes provided to get a single result. Meth Lab Cleanup recommends that you order at least 2 kits; sample 4 areas with 1 kit, then sample the cold air return of the heat system separately. Heat systems will concentrate meth residue. If you sample the heat system and combine the wipe with other samples, you may see much higher levels of contamination throughout the home than is actually present.

You then mail the samples to the certified laboratory. Results will be available as an email attachment within 2-3 business of receipt at the laboratory. Laboratory analysis are included in the cost. GO HERE TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF LABORATORY RESULTS.

Home Buyer Tips

Check to see if the property has any record of clandestine drug lab activity. This may include checking with the local health department and law enforcement office. For a state by state listing check the DEA's Clandestine Drug Lab Registry to see if the property has ever been listed as a meth lab. Some states list contaminated properties on the web. NOTE: only 1 in 3, or as few as 1 in 10 drug lab properties are ever listed. Check our meth lab regulations page for more information. Brief discussions with neighbors may add supportive documentation.

Home Buyer Tips

Walk around the property to conduct a visual inspection. Check all buildings, garages, attics, crawl spaces, sheds and basement. Look for staining or signs of former meth use, production apparatus or by-products. Use the AccuMeth® on-site meth test kit to conduct sampling for meth residue. The goal is to collect enough samples per property to have a general understanding of the levels of residue within the structure. At least one sample should include the HVAC system. Wipe samples should be collected in accordance with the instructions provided.

Home Buyer Tips

If any of the sample results are above the state regulated standard or equivalent in states that are not regulated, additional sampling using the MethAssure® laboratory analyzed kit may be warranted. If this sampling confirms concentrations of meth above the remediation levels, then the property is considered contaminated and then must comply with decontamination requirements. Contact Meth Lab Cleanup Company.
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