Meth Lab Signs - Was Your Home a Meth Lab?

Evidence of a potential methamphetamine production laboratory

Clandestine Drug Laboratory - Signs of Activity

Alone, these activities or clandestine drug lab signs may not mean that illegal drug lab activity is occurring. However, some or several of them happening together may indicate a problem. Reliable test kits for meth labs are available

  • Strong chemical odor coming from house, garbage or detached building.
  • Visitors come and go throughout the day and night and stay for short periods of time.
  • Extra efforts to cover windows or have extensive security, such as reinforced doors.
  • Deterioration of property and excessive amounts of trash, such as large amounts of antifreeze, drain cleaner and glass containers.
  • Appear to have plenty of money but don't seem to go to work - drive expensive cars, pay rent or bills with cash.
  • Never take trash out to be collected or put garbage in another neighbors collection area.
  • Residents come outside to smoke cigarettes.
  • Children and pets of the home appear to be neglected.
  • Residents act unfriendly, paranoid or appear secretive about their activities.