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As the only company in the nation who specializes in meth lab remediation, Meth Lab Cleanup Company is committed to providing safe and effective meth lab decontamination. All of our technicians are clandestine drug lab decon and OSHA certified and are registered in all states where state specific certification for clandestine drug lab cleanup is required.

Methamphetamine production ingredients can cause acute and chronic illnesses and even death. There is also a risk for explosion and fire. Chemicals used to "cook" meth and other drugs leave a hazardous residue that is formed during the cooking process that contaminates not only a structure, but may affect the plumbing, HVAC system, yard, well and septic tank. Meth use can also leave residue contamination throughout a home's interior.Scroll to learn more.

Meth Lab & Meth Residue Cleanup Process

Meth Standards - Industrial Hygiene

The first step of the decontamination process requires a comprehensive preliminary site assessment; which is required by law in many regulated states. To help determine the meth manufacture method, the assessment will consist of evaluating law enforcement records for the chemicals and cooking apparatus removed from the site. This data is critical in determining the most cost effective method to remediate the property. Our technicians will inspect the property entirely to identify hazards and gather information for a cleanup estimate. Comprehensive wipe sampling will be performed using MethAssure® and/or AccuMeth® meth testing products to establish the contamination levels in each room or functional space. The sample results are read on-site or are sent overnight to a certified EPA accredited laboratory for analysis. When the contamination levels are known, Meth Lab Clenaup Company will provide a bid for decontamination; in most cases a guaranteed, lump sum price.

Full Service Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation

Next, Meth Lab Cleanup technicians will decontaminate the site to meet the state threshold limit; or if you property resides in a non regulated state we will establish a recommended threshold limit based on surrounding states and the type of meth manufacturing method used. We provide full service to include: disposal of all hazardous materials, household contaminated debris and items requirement special handling in accordance with federal, state and local laws. Once the debris has been removed and the site has been prepared, our technicians will decontaminate all remaining surfaces in the structure using a specially formulated, earth friendly detergent and modified equipment.

Meth Lab Cleanup Clearance Documentation

Upon completion of the remediation Meth Lab Cleanup certified technicians will perform post assessment and sampling. This is required in regulated states and will include a series of tests that will be much more comprehensive than the pre-assessment sampling. In some states it is required that the post assessment and sampling be performed by a third party. Meth Lab Cleanup can provide a listing of independent industrial hygienists that are experienced in this industry that offer professional and affordable assessment services. Finally, Meth Lab Cleanup will submit a final report and "Fit for Use" certificate generated by a Meth Lab Cleanup industrial hygienist. These documents are required to delist the property under the governing agency or for disclosure purposes. This report will exceed all states' final reporting requirements, will meet ASTM reporting requirements and will be legally defensible.

Property Assessments

Meth Property Screenings

Many of the properties that are identified as former meth labs are discovered through means other than by law enforcement. Contamination is often discovered during a property inspection in response to health complaints by occupants, information from neighbors regarding a prior occupant or as part of a real estate transaction. Meth screenings are often conducted in these cases to gain information regarding potential meth contamination at the property. These screenings are outside the scope of most state's clandestine drug lab cleanup regulations.

Screenings vs. Preliminary Assessments

It should be noted that meth screenings apply to situations where there is no evidence of a methamphetamine laboratory. If the presence of a meth lab is known or suspected, then a preliminary assessment must be conducted by a certified clandestine drug lab decontamination specialist in accordance with regulation (if the state is regulated for clandestine drug lab decontamination). If the preliminary assessment confirms that the property is contaminated and there is record of a production arrest, then it is subject to the statutory and regulatory requirements for meth lab decontamination.

Methamphetamine "Marker"

Regulated states require sampling for meth residue as an indicator of contamination. Meth is a "marker" for all other chemicals, i.e. you test for meth residue instead of testing for other production chemicals. Standards for decontamination are based on the level of meth residue and are based on the premise that removal of meth during decontamination will provide adequate management of other contaminants.