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Hands-Down, Meth Lab Cleanup Company provides the BEST clandestine drug lab testing & decontamination services available

Preliminary Assessment & Meth Lab / Meth Residue Cleanup Services

Full interior and exterior site inspections. Predominately non-invasive decontamination and certified documentation. Comprehensive testing and accredited laboratory sample analysis. Reliable, affordable meth testing products. Meth Lab Cleanup Company also provides fentanyl property decontamination.

Regulatory Development & Expert Witness Consultation

Meth Lab Cleanup Company has contributed to over a two dozen state, county and city clandestine drug lab laws. Meth Lab Cleanup has drafted standard operating procedures for countless Tribal entities. Joe Mazzuca is a nationally recognized expert witness offering legal consultation for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Performance Based Meth Test Kits

AccuMeth® brand kits are non-hazardous, easy to use and there are no false positive readings. Use AccuMeth® brand kits with the Black Box Reader® to get downloadable data. Meth Lab Cleanup offers individual sales and bulk pricing. Meth Lab Cleanup Company also offers MethAssure®, a laboratory analyzed meth test kit; get results in 2-3 days of arrival at the lab.

Meth Lab Cleanup Preliminary Assessments & Decontaminations

Meth Lab Cleanup technicians are highly qualified, seasoned professionals, enabling us to provide the skills and experience necessary to perform superior clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination services. Our technicians have conducted numerous illegal drug lab assessments and remediation projects for private residences, commercial businesses and federal, state and local government agencies. Meth Lab Cleanup technicians are repeatedly trained and certified to better serve our growing and diversified client base.

Meth Lab Cleanup professionals have the overall experience to recognize what can and cannot be remediated. We utilize our knowledge, experience and integrity to provide reliable, straightforward, cost-effect decontamination services. Customers find our approach to clan lab testing and remediation to be refreshingly straight forward and effective.

Throughout our existence, Meth Lab Cleanup Company has fostered a corporate culture that strives to be a positive force for the home environment, for our employees, contractors, communities and stakeholders and we will continue to exceed our client's expectations.

1. Preliminary Assessment & Testing
Our Preliminary Assessments include full interior and exterior site inspections consisting of site background and current status. We also research law enforcement records (if applicable/available). We provide complete photo documentation of sampling areas, evidence of production or paraphernalia and property condition. We provide comprehensive testing for methamphetamine residue on surfaces. Certified sample analysis is provided by an accredited laboratory and/or validated on-site sampling kits. All assessments are fully documented and the PreAssessment Reports are comprehensive and defensible. Quality assurance is maintained both in the field and the laboratory.
2. Preparation & Decontamination
Remediation preparation begins with the removal and disposal of contaminated furniture, household hazardous material, carpeting and other debris. The debris is rendered unusable and transported to an appropriate waste facility in adherence to state, federal and local laws. Surfaces are then high efficiency vacuumed, treated with an earth-kind detergent, scrubbed and then clean water rinsed. Post decontamination sampling is performed to ensure surfaces meet standards set by state clandestine drug lab laws (if available/industry standards if not yet regulated).
3. Documentation & Clearance
Documentation is often the most important part of the assessment and decontamination process. Meth Lab Cleanup reports are more than just laboratory data. Once on-site assessment, law enforcement checks and regulatory reviews are complete, the information is thoroughly analyzed. Meth Lab Cleanup's industrial hygienist then interprets the data, drafts a comprehensive report and the information is conveyed to the client. Decontaminations are also fully documented and reviewed, then the report is submitted to the client and governing body for clearance (if applicable).

Meth Lab Cleanup Law Development & Expert Witness Testimony Consultation

In 2003, Meth Lab Cleanup Company began as a small clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination company committed to delivering quality service. Fifteen years later, we have maintained this dedication and have grown into a full-service environmental firm providing providing clandestine drug lab assessment and remediation services, training, consultation and testing products nationwide. Our services are supported by the most comprehensive and legally sound techniques and documentation available in the industry. This experience allows Meth Lab Cleanup personnel the in-depth understanding needed to offer accredited expert witness services.

Meth Lab Cleanup Company's staff is versed in environmental regulatory compliance, industrial hygiene, OSHA compliance, hazardous waste management, project management, health and safety expertise and over a decade of meth lab decontamination training and field experience. Given our background, Meth Lab Cleanup has provided regulator training and legislator presentation and participated in state regulatory development and revision for the following states: Idaho, New Hampshire, South Dakota, West Virginia, Nebraska, Washington, North Carolina, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Indiana, Tennessee, Hawaii, Montana, Illinois and Oklahoma. These services have also been provided to numerous cities and counties throughout the nation. Meth Lab Cleanup principals have also participated in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)and regulations for organizations and Tribal entities.

1. Clandestine Drug Lab Regulatory Development
When developing regulations, the first thing Meth Lab Cleanup principals do is ask if a regulation is needed at all. Regulations set specific requirements about what is legal and what isn't; will a regulation add value? A regulation might explain what levels of methamphetamine residue adequately protect human health and the environment, but health based standards have not yet been defined. Currently, methamphetamine limits are primarily based on a laboratory's ability to detect meth. In addition, once the regulation is in effect, individuals and organizations must have the resources to comply with the law and enforce it; regulations can have far reaching effects. Meth Lab Cleanup Company has the hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of clandestine drug labs to help ensure that regulations or guidelines are simple and effective.
2. Standard Operating Procedure Development
Meth Lab Cleanup offers clandestine drug lab production resource identification, notification, response and reporting Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) consultation and development. SOPs are written, step-by-step instructions that describe how to identify suspect illegal drug production and how to respond effectively. Standard operating procedures can be designed for code enforcement agencies, child protective service agencies, home inspection companies, Tribal entities, home owners associations and health departments and are relevant to the current needs of the organization and help maintain safety and efficiency. Meth Lab Cleanup SOPs are brief, easy to understand and contain actions steps that are simple to follow. Standard operating procedures can also be the basis for training any new employees. Professionally developed SOPs improve communication, provide consistency, help hold individuals accountable, save time and money, and create a safer work environment.
3. Expert Witness Testimony & Consultation
Meth Lab Cleanup Company principal, Joseph Mazzuca, is an accredited expert witness specializing in clandestine drug production, contamination and migration; clandestine drug lab assessment and decontamination; home owners insurance, contaminated property purchases, rental situations, property value and stigma. Joe has over 18 years of experience in the clandestine drug lab industry and over 25 years of experience in hazardous environmental safety administration. Joseph has been called to court, has provided numerous affidavits and regularly consults with clients and attorneys on methamphetamine production contamination and remediation issues.
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